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Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel: Updated for Office 2007® harnesses the power of Excel and transforms it into a tool for learning basic statistical analysis. Understudies learn measurements with regards to breaking down information.


We feel that it is essential for understudies to work with genuine information, breaking down genuine world issues, with the goal that they comprehend the nuances and complexities of examination that make insights such an essential piece of understanding our reality.

The informational index themes run from business guides to physiological examinations on NASA space travelers. Since understudies work with genuine information, they can appreciate that in measurements no answers are totally final and that instinct and innovativeness are as much a piece of information investigation as is connecting numbers to a product bundle. This content can fill in as the center content for an early on measurements course or as supplemental content. It likewise permits nontraditional understudies outside of the classroom setting to show themselves how to utilize Excel to break down arrangements of genuine information so they can make educated business figures what’s more, choices.

Kenneth N. Berk & Patrick Carey

Contents of Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel:

Probability Distributions
Random samples
Population statistics
The Central Limit Theorem
Confidence intervals
Hypothesis tests
Exponential smoothing
Linear regression

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