Muhammad- His Life Based on the Earliest Sources

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Muhammad- His Life Based on the Earliest Sources: At every assembly of Quraysh there was at least some discussion of what seemed to them their greatest problem, and they now decided to send to Yathrib to consult the Jewish rabbis: “Ask them about Muhammad,” they said to their two envoys.


“Describe him to them, and tell them what he says; for they are the people of the first scripture, and they have knowledge of the Prophets which we have not.”

The rabbis sent back the answer: “Question him about three things wherein we will instruct you. If he tells you of them, then is he a Prophet sent by God, but if he tells you not, then is the man a forger of falsehood. Ask him of some young men who left their folk in the days of old, how it was with them, for theirs is a tale of wonder; and ask him tidings of a far traveler who reached the ends of the earth in the east and in the west; and ask him of the Spirit, what it is. If he tells you of these things, then follow him, for he is a Prophet.”

By Martin Lings

Contents of Muhammad- His Life Based on the Earliest Sources:

The House of God
A Great Loss
Quraysh of the Hollow
The Recovery of a Loss
The Vow to Sacrifice a Son
The Need for a Prophet
The Year of the Elephant
The Desert
Two Bereavements
Bahira the Monk
A Pact of Chivalry
Questions of Marriage
The Household
The Rebuilding of the Kaaba
The First Revelations
“Warn Thy Family”
Quraysh Take Action
Aws and Khazraj
Abu Jahl and Harnzah
Quraysh Make Offers and Demands
Leaders of Quraysh
Wonderment and Hope
Family Divisions
The Hour
Three Questions
The Ban and its Annulment
Paradise and Eternity
The Year of Sadness
“The Light of Thy Countenance”
After the Year of Sadness
Yathrib Responsive
Many Emigrations
A Conspiracy
The Hijrah
The Entry into Medina
Harmony and Discord
The New Household
The Threshold of War
The March to Badr
The Battle of Badr
The Return of the Vanquished
Bani Qaynuqa
Deaths and Marriages
The People of the Bench
Desultory Warfare
Preparations for Battle
The March to Uhud
The Battle of Uhud
The Burial of the Martyrs
Victims of Revenge
Bani Nadir
Peace and War
The Trench
The Siege
Bani Qurayzah
After the Siege
The Hypocrites
The Necklace
The Lie
The Dilemma of Quraysh
“A Clear Victory”
After Hudaybiyah
“Whom Lovest Thou Most?”
After Khaybar
The Lesser Pilgrimage and its Aftermath
Deaths and the Promise of a Birth
A Breach of the Armistice
The Conquest of Mecca
The Battle of Hunayn and the Siege of Ta’if
After the Victory
After Tabuk
The Degrees
The Future
The Farewell Pilgrimage
The Choice
The Succession and the Burial

Muhammad- His Life Based on the Earliest Sources is: Martin Lings

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